1984: All over Germany the so-called "Popper hysteria" ruled. Correct hair cut, collar and tie.


But a fistful gents could not and would not agree: They were different.

Instead of disco rhythms they preferred rock music.

Instead of pimped cars they loved to ride their bikes - and the hair was long (since ancient times a matter of free men).


Finally, after some meetings in a nearby pub and visiting various rally’s plus bike events it was on the hand to establish a MC.

The club’s name was easily found: Döuvels MC Ennigerloh


1987: In the meanwhile friendly contact was made to a MC located in the south of Germany, the "Roadbreaker MC".

After a while sharing activities the patch over happened.


1998: This alliance lasted for more than 10 years but then there was no more chance to identify our self with the club’s policy anymore.

The club has grown but the result quite clear. The chapter of Ennigerloh quitted the alliance nearly completely.

The member of the former chapter, knowing each other well, thought about their common roots:


Brotherhood, Loyalty and Respect.


Mounting on these 3 columns the "Ravenhead MC" was formed


And now, in 2019 these 3 columns still exist.